Notification of the Extra Classes for Sec 3 HCL

Dear parents,

Due to O-Level Chinese Examination (Paper 1 & Paper 2) on 8 November 2022, HCL’s Teachers will conduct an extra lesson on 7 November 2022.

We strongly encourage your child to join the lesson. We wish can provide more assistance to our student on the day before their exam and try our best to have the last sprint of hard work.

If you’re interested to join this lesson, kindly refer to the details below:

  1. Every student will only attend a lesson once a week. If your child wish to join the lesson on (7 November 2022), you may arrange make up lesson for your child in advance. Other than physical lesson, we also provide online (Zoom) lesson. You can arrange your child’s make up lesson through our APP.
  2. If your child can’t attend lesson on (7 November 2022), they will remain their regular classes.
  3. If you would like your child to join this lesson kindly contact your child’s class teacher or our admin staff. You also can arrange your child’s make-up lesson through our App. You can arrange their make-up class directly through our company's APP. Do note that, the make-up class slots are limited, first come first served basic. If make-up classes are not arranged in our system, your child will attend their regular class as usual.

If you wish to know more details, do not hesitate to contact us at 65549246/92969911 or contact your child’s class teacher. We will assist you to make better arrangements for your child.

Lastly, we wish your child can achieve good results in the upcoming examination. Good luck!

Believe in your child, Believe in HCL.


      由于今年11月8日考O水准普通华文笔试(Paper1 & Paper2),本中心将在11月7日安排一节考前冲刺课程,为您的孩子做最后的冲刺。我们强烈建议您的孩子参加这节课。关于这节课的详情如下:

  1. 每位学生每周只需上一节课,如果您的孩子想要参加考前冲刺班,请提早为您的孩子安排补课。我们除了实体补课,也有网上补课,您可以通过我们公司的手机APP安排补课。
  2. 如果您的孩子没有时间参加考前冲刺班,请继续上他/她原班的课程,原班的课程将会讲解高级华文的知识点及题型。
  3. 如果您的孩子希望参加这次的笔试课程,请直接与任课老师或者行政联系,也可以通过我们公司的手机APP直接补课。补课位有限,先到先得,如果未在系统里安排补课,我们将视为您的孩子参加原班的课程。


若您有任何疑问,欢迎致电我们的行政人员询问,或打电话给 S3S4 的教学组组长徐然老师(HP: 92969911)了解详情。

最后, 您的孩子在来临的会考中顺利取得优异的成绩!


S3S4 教学组




分部名称 班级名称 课程时间和课室 任课老师 分部联系电话
BiShan Branch CL O水准 4-6:20PM BLK283 #01-191 R2 李晓钰 TEL: 65549246
4:10-6:30PM BLK283 #01-179 R2 袁晓琦
4:30-6:50PM Blk 284 #01-207 R2 徐然
6:40-9PM Blk 279 #01-48 R2 程家
7:00-9:20PM Blk 279 #01-38 R10 詹茂松
TV2 Branch CL O水准 6:40-9PM R5 邱娉婷 TEL: 64599905
West Coast Community Centre Branch CL O水准 7:10-9:30PM R9 宋琴鸣 TEL: 67785226
Kovan Branch CL O水准 4:30-6:50PM R2 桂莉 TEL: 62436760
Marine Parade Branch CL O水准 4:30-6:50PM R7 赵夺 TEL: 63488271
Online CL O水准 4-6:20PM 邱娉婷 TEL: 65549246
4:15-6:35PM 叶小琴
6:40-9PM 蔡明月